Hydrogen Energy

Develop hydrogen energy to create a better home

In the face of the increasingly serious environmental problems, hydrogen energy, as the leading clean and renewable energy in the energy sector, is the most important part of the current sustainable energy development.

However, because hydrogen molecules are small and easy to leak, the storage pressure conditions are high, and the operating conditions are complex, no matter in the hydrogen storage and transportation links, or in the construction of hydrogen refueling stations and FCV on-board hydrogen refueling systems, the equipment, valves, pipelines and other products used need to meet different pressure requirements, sealing characteristics and other conditions to help hydrogen energy develop safely and steadily in the energy field. Hikelok, which has 11 years of experience in manufacturing fittings and valve parts, can solve all problems for you according to many product requirements faced by the hydrogen energy industry!


Perfect service system

We have rich application experience in the hydrogen energy industry, provide technical support for model selection, engineering installation guidance and later maintenance, and can provide a full set of system solutions according to customer needs, which can help customers solve various problems encountered in the construction of the hydrogen energy system. Professionalism and promptness are our service philosophy. Everything is based on your safety and interests. If you have any questions, please consult us. We will serve you wholeheartedly!

Product recommendation for hydrogen energy industry

The nickel (Ni) content in the raw materials we choose for hydrogen energy supply products exceeds 12%, which has good compatibility with hydrogen and avoids the pollution and leakage of hydrogen during transportation and use to the greatest extent. In terms of structural design, we provide high-quality fittings, control valves, stainless steel tubing and other products, which are characterized by strong vibration resistance, high pressure resistance, strong sealing, long service life, and fully meet the requirements of hydrogen energy industry application products.

Twin ferrule tube fittings

The size of our tube fittings ranges from 1 in to 50 mm, and the materials range from 316 to various alloys. With the characteristics of corrosion resistance and stable connection, our fittings can play a stable role even under the working condition of high intensity vibration.


All of our conventional practical valves are included here.They have the functions of accurately controlling flow and regulating pressure.They are safe, reliable and have long service life, which makes them popular.

Ultra-high Pressure Products

The construction of hydrogen refueling stations requires high pressure resistant products. We can provide ultra-high pressure fittings, ultra-high pressure ball valves, ultra-high pressure needle valves, ultra-high pressure check valves and other products to meet the needs of hydrogen refueling stations.

Ball Valves

The BV1 series ball valve of Hikelok is one compact valve with high pressure, high temperature resistance, large flow, easy installation, easy operation and maintenance, and long service life, which can provide reliable guarantee for the hydrogen energy system.